Blackjack Table Position and Whether It Really Matters

In most blackjack games, table position matters very little because the player is only up against the dealer and not the others at the table. In blackjack tournaments, though, table position can matter a great deal. Players should understand why blackjack table position matters and how to make it work for them.

When Table Position Matters

Blackjack tournaments are structured slightly differently from regular blackjack games. In traditional games, players are simply trying to have a hand that is better than the dealers without going bust. In tournaments, though, players are playing against one another, trying to beat all of the hands at the table. Players who are in the last position, then, have a great advantage, while players in the first have a great disadvantage.

How to Use Table Position

The player who is at the first blackjack table position is the first to bet, the first to get his or her cards, the first to hit or stand, and the first to set the table standard. All of this means the player in first position is most likely to go bust. Because he or she doesn't know what cards the others are likely to get, the first player has to get as high as he or she possibly can. The person in last position, though, knows where everyone else rests. He or she can stand when everyone else has gone bust. The last position is always reactive, while the first position is proactive.

By being in the reactive blackjack table position, players can play much more conservatively. The last player always has the most information, and that is always a benefit to his or her game.