Random Number Generator (RNG)

A random number generator, short for RNG, is used for all online casino games. It generates a specific sequence of numbers and symbols that will not follow any form of pattern. Every combination it produces is absolutely random, ensuring there is fair play across different games.


The ultimate goal of the RNG is to ensure that the numbers and symbols that are pulled cannot be predicted and that they are completely random in nature. This system is used to pull the different line results for slot machines, and it uses a computational algorithm that demands random sequences. As the RNG cannot be controlled, casinos cannot intervene with the results, ensuring players that they have an equal chance of winning compared to the other players around them.

Casino Bonus Games

Also using the RNG, online casino bonus games offer the peace of mind of knowing that the odds of winning are the same for every player who spins. For those that offer multiple bonus rounds, players can feel confident knowing that there is an equal chance of getting each bonus. Because casinos can reset the games that will run through the same 'random' sequence, many players believe if they play on one machine long enough, the pattern will repeat; this is why you see some players sitting at the same machine for hours on end.

Any form of gambling is a "gamble". The RNG eliminates the ability for casinos to set the machines to fail, and for players to predict the outcome of a spin. This has increased player confidence, which has in return increased player participation. This, of course, means growing jackpots!